How Do You Refresh, Renew, and Reconnect with your Inner Self?

When life gets busy, it’s so hard to take care of yourself. You might even say “I don’t have time for that”. But in a world full of chaos, how do you unplug and refresh yourself so that you’re not running on empty? Implementing a little self-care in your daily routine can have such a positive affect on your mental health. In my household, self care is a must for me. After a full day of being in wife and mommy mode, I look forward to that “ME” time. There are so many ways practice self care but here’s 7 ways that I implement self care daily through out the week.


  1. Yoga—what a stress reliever! It promotes relaxation, lowers your blood pressure, and heart rate. And almost anyone can do it!
  2. Reading a book—I love finding a quiet place and just curling up with a throw blanket and reading a good novel.
  3. A relaxing Bath—ahhh! Add bubbles, candles, a good body scrub, and jazz (or your fav type of music) and you’ve got an ultimate pampering experience.
  4. Sing in the shower—let it out! You work your lungs and inhale more oxygen. By oxygenating your blood, you reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Singing increases the production of endorphins which are hormones of happiness.
  5. Give your body ten minutes of mindful attention while rubbing yourself down with a good lotion or oil.
  6. Wait until everyone is sleep, and pull out that snicker bar you’ve been hiding—and enjoy every bite of it without feeling guilty.
  7. Yoni Steaming—my fav of course! Set the mood, light some candles, prepare your herbs, and steam your stress away while practicing mindfulness, meditating, or praying. The ultimate refresh, renew, and reconnect experience!

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