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Yoni Bar

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Women often times experience yeast infections, vaginitis, and unbalance pH issues because the ingredients in soap being used is just not agreeing with your Yoni.

Introducing our new Yoni Bar, made with all natural & ingredients, including Apple Cider Vinegar (fights against and prevents yeast), Greek Yogurt (probiotic), Calendula Flowers (inflammation & bv), Pink Himalayan Salt (yeast, bv, dryness) Rose Petals (inflammation), Sweet Almond Oil, Sage (dryness, irritation) and other oils—no essential oils, fragrances, or harsh chemicals. It smells just like our Yoni Oil 😌, and pairs wonderfully together (if you’ve purchased it, then you know the vibe!)

Nt Wt 7.5 oz

*Made in small batches 

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