Yoni Oil- Calendula Rose
Yoni Oil- Calendula Rose
Yoni Oil- Calendula Rose
Yoni Oil- Calendula Rose

Yoni Oil- Calendula Rose

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Our Calendula Rose Yoni Oil is simply ahh-mazing! It’s infused with dried Calendula Flowers & Rose Petals which gives it anti-inflammatory, antibacterial (fights BV) & anti-fungal (fights yeast) properties, all while healing, nurturing, and moisturizing your most sacred parts. 

Make this Yoni Oil a part of your self-care routine for the sacred pampering you deserve.

Try one of our self care hacks mentioned in our Blooming Blog—Use our Yoni Oil to give your Yoni (and your body) 10 minutes of mindful attention by rubbing it all over.

Benefits: Relieves Dryness, Soothes Itching, Naturally Antibacterial/Anti-fungal, Smells Amazing (yet light and delicate with your most sacred in mind)

Calendula: Calendula’s antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immuno-stimulant properties help to fight bacterial infections, while at the same time easing pain and helping wounds on the skin to heal. (The calendula flower helps to stimulate the production of collagen at sites of injury.)

Red Rose Petals: Roses are high in antioxidants, they are astringent, an anodyne (pain reliever), nerving, anti-inflammatory, and enhances sexual desire.

How to Use: After shower or bath, apply a few drops on and around your yoni area and/or all over your body for ultimate moisture, healing, and pampering.

Size: 2 fl oz

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